Auspiciousness of Moon in Nakṣatram for Relationships



Moon in Asvini

Good for self-improvement.

Moon in Bharani

Good for sexual activity and procreation, but not good for initiating things in a relationship.

Moon in Krittika

NOT good for socializing or getting along with your partner.

Moon in Rohini

Good for marriage, initiating things, romance, and sexual activity.

Moon in Mrigasira

Good for sexual activity, socializing and making friends, moving, taking a new name, but not good for marriage, making pre-nuptuals, or making any other long-term decisions.

Moon in Ardra

Good for breaking up from bad relationships, bad for getting married.

Moon in Punarvasu

Good for marriage, fresh start for new relationships and laying the foundation of a new relationship.

Moon in Pushya

Good for starting new relationships and confronting an ex, but not for getting married.

Moon in Aslesa

Good for short-term relationships and sexual activity, but not good for starting a new relationship which you want to work over the long-term.

Moon in Magha

Good for settling arguments or disputes in relationships.

Moon in Purva Phalguni

Good for marriage, romance, sexual activities, sensuality, using charm or sexual powers to get what you want, and resolving old disputes.

Moon in Uttara Phalguni

Good for marriage and sexual activity, but not good for confrontation

Moon in Hasta

Good for marriage and having fun, but not the sexual kind of fun and not good for lazing around or relaxing with your partner… good for getting out.

Moon in Chitra

Good for attraction and charisma, but not good for marriage or confronting a partner about something

Moon in Svati

Good for socializing, making agreements and making peace with a partner, but not good for arguing.

Moon in Vishakha

Good for arguing, romance, sexual activity, and getting dressed up to go out, but not good for marriage or working on or starting a new relationship or working out problems for which you want a peaceful resolution.

Moon in Anuradha

Good for friendships, socializing with friends, and doing things as part of a group, but not good for marriage, starting anything new, or doing anything routine.

Moon in Jyeshtha

Good for discussing serious matters in a relationship, being responsible, and taking a stand for yourself, but not good for marriage or being sensitive.

Moon in Mula

Good for expressing sexuality, but not good for weddings.

Moon in Purva Ashadha

Good for marriage and sexual activity.

Moon in Uttara Ashadha

Good for marriage and legal matters.

Moon in Shravana

Good for socializing, not good for taking risks, making promises, or getting married.

Moon in Dhanishtha

NOT good for marriage, sexual activity, partnerships, new relationships, domesticity, or tenderness.

Moon in Shatabishak

NOT good for marriage, reproduction, working on any new relationships, or socializing.

Moon in Purva Bhadrapada

Good for taking risks, but not good for new relationships or initiating anything, marriage, or sexual activity.

Moon in Uttara Bhadrapada

Good for sexual activity, marriage, and making commitments.

Moon in Revati

Good for initiating a relationship, marriage, sexual activity, making deals – do not be bold or argue.

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