Birth Times: A Quick Reading

Depending on local time, it’s possible to determine some information relating to Sūrya given only the person’s time of birth by understanding the placement of Sūrya in a chart in relation to the Lagna and the doshic qualities of the time of day the person is born in. These are very much estimations:

The Time Table

1-3 AM: Sūrya in 3 (Courage, Gemini) – Pitta/Vata

3-5 AM: Sūrya in 2 (Communication, Taurus) – Vata

5-7 AM: Sūrya in 1 (Self, Aries) – EXALTED – Vata/Kapha

7-9 AM: Sūrya in 12 (Liberation, Pisces) – Kapha

9-11 AM: Sūrya in 11 (Gains, Aquarius) – Kapha/Pitta

11-1 PM: Sūrya in 10 (Karma/Career, Capricorn) – Pitta

1-3 PM: Sūrya in 9 (Dharma/Luck, Sagittarius) – Pitta/Vata

3-5 PM: Sūrya in 8 (Change, Scorpio) – Vata

5-7 PM: Sūrya in 7 (Partner, Libra) – DEBILITATED – Vata/Kapha

7-9 PM: Sūrya in 6 (Health, Virgo) – Kapha

9-11 PM: Sūrya in 5 (Creativity, Leo) – OWN HOUSE – Kapha/Pitta

11-1 PM: Sūrya in 4 (Emotions/Foundation, Cancer) – Pitta

(+/- an hour, depending on daylight savings time… and time of year?)


Therefore, the most auspicious times of the day to be born are between 5-7AM(ish) and 9-11PM (ish). The worst (most difficult) time of the day to be born in is between 5-7PM, which can make relationships very difficult for a person to manage.

It’s interesting that during one Vata/Kapha period Surya is exalted by house, while during the other it’s debilitated by house. Perhaps it’s because when the Sun rises it’s gaining influence state and when it’s about to set it’s losing influence. The sunrise Vata/Kapha
(exalted) period spans at the cusp of dream and wake states, between meditation and productivity. The sunset (debilitated) period spans between creation/preparation and relaxation.

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