Budha Vakri (Mercury Retrograde) September 2016

Pre-Shadow (29 August)



As tomorrow begins the first day of Mercury’s apparent retrograde motion, and today I have absolutely nothing to amuse my interest, it’s really a perfect time to do something that I should do. I always write my heart out during “Mercury Retrograde” periods, but as the graha (the intellect and rational mind which grants us awareness of our existence) enters an apparent backwards motion so does my ability to communicate rationality. This is great for taking a step back and viewing the world beyond the Maya, but translating what is experienced accurately into a relatable record of experience can be extra difficult right now. A year ago I wrote a debrief, but I’ve never written a pre-brief.

First I’d like to remark on Budha Vakri (Mercury Retrograde) as most people familiar with the phenomenon view it. Most people attribute communication, traffic, technology, financial, and contractual problems, many of which lead to great frustration. I’ve found that, as is true with many things, awareness offers power. It’s nearly impossible to escape the world of rationality and our established means of communication and internetworking – so much so that we are nearly completely unconscious of how volatile this intellectual web is. When Budha Vakri occurs we lose the edge that we depend upon, even unconsciously, to participate in the civilized world around us. It’s like losing your concentration in the middle of keeping a complicated rhythm in a song with no patters at lower levels. It’s like engaging in a very deep and abstract conversation, then losing your train of thought. If you are aware of what’s happening you can take a step back and view the world from a completely different perspective. If you pay close enough attention you can see the true magic that lies beneath the layers of complication. If we can dismiss rationality, even briefly, and trust our intuition, we have a fantastic opportunity to explore the undercurrent and actually have more control of our environment. We can shake off this messy world of logic and technicalities and go with our hearts.

Coincidences abound.

Budha Vakri is, in my opinion, a great period of recovery for those who have a malefic or difficult Budha in their charts. As Budha rides the fence between both worlds, neither naturally good nor bad, it accentuates the conditions in which it exists. It’s adaptable, and I think this adaptability is completely result of its rationality and logic. Logic doesn’t care whether conditions are conducive to happiness or easy living. Logic is more of a representation of the laws of physics and nature. Plugged into this, we become a part of the machine. Removing, or unwinding, Budha’s influence allows us to unplug. Those of us who force ourselves to plug back in will suffer the most. If Budha is a source of issues for a person, Budha Vakri can undo it. Problems with speech, thought, the skin, and/or nerves may lighten up or even reverse during Budha Vakri.


Stationary (30 August)


Budha. Artwork courtesy: Drdha Vrata Gorrick.

The truth of the world opens up if you are willing to listen for it. It’s not in the world we’ve created through the powers of Rahu and Budha, rather in the patterns of the laws of nature which are sometimes (and often) in conflict with the states of our intellect. Our own agendas are very distracting. Putting Budha in reverse undoes this mess if you allow it to. Swim through the world for what it is, not what we make of it. Allow the patterns and coincidences to seduce your attention.

Something is definitely happening today. I’ve had nothing but problems with my computer at work – so much so that I can’t even work. At some point you just have to let it be and enjoy the resistance. Be mindful of the phenomenon and don’t fight the current. Coincidences have been increasing in frequency lately, but today so much that even my coworkers have remarked on them.

I’m beginning to have visual “warps,” not quite hallucinations, but rather a moving type of fluid matter or sheen that intertwined itself with the world. This is not the first time that I’ve noticed visual differences, but this is the first time I’ve considered the reason for it. Thanks to a conversation I had with a friend a week and a half ago, I’m reminded that it’s our discriminative mind (Budha) which takes the signals presented to us through our senses (Śūkra) and turns it into the experience of our consciousness (chit-jñāna?). When Budha is affected, warped, or subdued (Vakri), so does our experience of our sensory input. With a compromised buddhi (mind), it’s not only easier to tune into intuition, but it’s also easier to perceive the true nature of our surroundings – not what our minds make of what’s placed before it. This brings us back to how truth is affected. We are less subjective now, less misled by our un/subconscious preconceptions and karmas.

First Day (29 August)

A nite in the myth to avoid certain activities during Mercury Retrograde: Instead of hearing, “don’t sign any contracts,” hear, “be extra careful and/or be intentionally critical before you commit to anything which is in contract with rationality.” Remember: right now you can really trust your intuition. If it feels like there’s something you want do without thinking about it, like you’re receiving secret messages from the maker, then it’s probably the right choice. It’s turning an intuitive decision into a shared, logical one which can be acted on “in tune” with all parties that requires the extra work. In other words, jump at opportunities and ideas internally, but make extra care to have your ducks in a row before you jump at or execute anything externally.

Doing anything logical right now is a little like going against the flow. Thinking, finances, communicating, perception of what your senses are giving you… All of that is fighting to stay on course right now. Normally following logic comes unconsciously, as the social network (i.e., getting along, civilization, traveling or moving anything within the social construct) that we live upon is written in the language of logic. But right now the flow is in reverse. Trust your insight more in the intuitive flow since it’s being gifted to us right now. Even others’ reactions towards us, especially if they listen to their intuition, reflects this.

Now’s the time to imagine things, and some may even be able to communicate imaginative things and ideas.

Second Day (1 Sep 2016)

Before I get into today’s musings I just want to remark that this morning Earth experienced a solar eclipse. Not a total solar eclipse, but the “ring of fire,” and in Leo, in the Nakṣatra of Purva Phalgunī.

My true musing for today, however, is how Kanya (Virgo) and Mithuna (Gemini) are affected by Budha Vakri.

Third Day (2 Sep 2016)

From this point forward I’d really like to take a closer look at why the common or stereotypical following advice is given during Mercury Retrograde:

“When Mercury is retrograde, it is a good  time  for reflecting on things from the past, taking care of details on projects that have already started or projects from the past, or  fixing, changing, and refining things.  This period is especially good  for  any activity designed to improve the communication process. On the other hand, it is not a great time for signing new agreements or contracts.  It is also not a good  time for beginning important endeavors in general.” – James Kelleher, Jyotish Newsletter, September 2016

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