Budha’s Retrograde Motion & the Rational Mind


Budha. Artwork courtesy: Drdha Vrata Gorrick.

The rational mind, Budha, maybe even the Moon (Martka) and general mental condition, is the obstruction, and during Mercury retrograde this blockage is shaken up. The door is opened. Budha’s absence or debilitation allows for less of the separation between material and the Truth. The graha is a product and servant of Maya, separator of celestial families, which maybe is why he is two-faced. Could he exist in both realms, facilitating both according to its orbit, serving the true and spiritual when in retrograde and the true and material otherwise? Rationality certainly has a negative effect on the ability to see the true truth of the world around us. But that rationality keeps us materially responsible, or at least aware. Absence of this makes us more materially clumsy, unprepared, more likely to run into logistical hangups, but much more in touch with the spiritual. My Merc retro advice: the blockage is removed. Thrive on the other side!

My Vata turns on at exactly 2pm every day, and especially during Mercury retro it seems. Maybe my body can’t handle the intense connection. 2pm may need to be my special work-it-out time (meditate, exercise, asana, something). Not suppress. Xanax suppresses? Or dismisses? Ah. The rational mind resists the drive to thrive in a world it can’t understand. There is now tension. Meditate on the other side, let it go. Where does 2pm appear in a birth chart?

The more rational, the more materially responsible and aware you are in Ari Ripu, the less you can see through the veil into truth and have awareness of the fluid that surrounds us in the exist.

You can’t find answers in the world as you expect to experience the world… Only once you can dismiss the fluid manifestations that constitute the Maya. The answers *are* in the world once you can see that. I think perhaps because the other exists almost in the same space as this one, or it at least offers a way to communicate with the other through the strings, the wires, the means of communication that our incarnations are familiar with. It’s like there are translators… You just have to see them and be willing enough to not only hear them, but also acknowledge their existence in plain sight when your own senses tell you that they don’t exist.

Still, my rational mind helps me understand this through communication of it to myself. Experience to words to thought to comprehension and somehow hopes that the truth survives the translation. As much of a prisoner we are to the mind, it is the only thing that our bodies have to communicate it though means that others who cannot see can begin to understand. I feel it important to communicate not only to rationalize and translate, but also to document my own experience for personal purposes… Because the faulty mind I feel cannot always permanently retain the connections that I only momentarily catch a glimpse of. Maybe later words can help reconnect the rational mind.

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