Daksha’s Curse on Candra

Daksha found that Soma overly favored one daughter (Rohini) over the others, thus neglecting their needs and flouting his responsibilities. For this, Daksha cursed him to wither and die. Chandra Dev approached and worshipped Lord Shiva in order to be relieved of the curse, at Somnath. He gave Chandra the boon that in a month, he would grow for fifteen days in one half and in the other half he would keep losing one Kala (shade) per day and decrease in size. The place where Chandra Dev worshipped Lord Shiva came to be known as Somnath. Somnath means the “Protector of the Moon God”. Legend has it that the first temple at Somnath was built by Chandra Dev himself.

What it means: It’s just like what happens when we only eat the yummy food on our plates, when we get stuck on the things that we find attractive or enjoyable and don’t allow ourselves to experience the full spectrum. It’s like when we really like a particular emotion and don’t allow ourselves to experience them all. We have to experience them all. Stuck on Rohinī, although tempting, is tamasic and harmful.

So why, exactly, are we drawn to behavior which is harmful to us? Because it’s not rational. We don’t think ahead about what might be best for us in the long run if we act solely on emotion. Emotion can be extremely powerful, but it can get us into trouble, can’t it?

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