My sensitivity is a blessing, but I keep getting lost, suppressed in this physical body. My senses make me more attuned to the subtleties in life – some of which are not so obvious to others. My ability to pick apart (Mithuna/Gemini) opens up my view of the spiritual (Vyaya). I am finely tuned. I forget this too easily when my body feels like a cage. It cannot handle the input, the prāṇa, the unfiltered detail that I absorb. When I engage it, I am calm. When I am calm I control of it. When I am not in control of it, it controls me. It must be engaged – else my physical body takes the toll. I am a sensitive person. I am finely tuned. Sometimes the chaos of the world is too much for one to parse. Pratyahara or transference. Energy is neither created, nor destroyed – just transferred from one object to another. Through another.

Emotion is energy in motion. Perhaps this is more true than I had originally believed. Energy can be expressed physically, but also creatively. To express energy, to move energy, in a positive manner, is to be creative in your expression. Energy is taken in and should (best) be exerted back out into the world in a positive manner, in ways in which the Truth is maintained and best when one’s dharma is accepted and followed. A certain amount of energy is necessary to maintain the functions of the body and mind, but the rest… the rest can be used to strengthen the body or mind of the Self or strengthen the body or mind of the Collective. Just as one would not wish to use one’s own energy to destroy oneself, one should not use one’s energy to destroy others. Ahiṃsā. And this, then, leads to maintenance and assurance of Satya.

For those, like me, with excess energy that is not released, it can eat away at one self. It can be released physically or mentally, best through creative measures. Emotion, again, is energy in motion. Emotion, then, is a primitive, but direct way to express one’s energy. It’s not complicated and direct, but because it is so primitive, one should find a way to remain conscious of one’s emotional releases. Negative energy expressed creates/is negative karma.

Wielding the Prāṇa

On handling intense prāṇa through meditation and how to exert it.
Realize the intense energy within you. Control how it escapes – don’t let it leave your body on its own. You are in control. Don’t let your emotions determine how the energy is expressed without a canvas. Without a canvas or a predetermined artistic method, the energy can explode like a sneeze. If you suppress it, it can break you down from the inside out. Focus on the energy, acknowledge it, contain it, then imagine that your skin is covered by countless, pin-sized holes. Breathe, but don’t hold the breath for long. On exhale, put pressure on the breath and use it to push this energy out from these holes. Feel the energy leaving every muscle of your body. Feel it in your arms, legs, head, and chest. With each breath feel the energy shoot from your body like beams of light. Feel your body lighten with each exhale – the space created by the departed breath filled with the same energy, but stripped of the restriction. You’re lightening the load and cleansing the prāṇa. Allow the energy to collect and disperse through your spine. allow it to emanate into your extremities and release it through the palms of your hands. I feel it start at the base of my spine, quickly shoot up the spine, enter my arms, and collect in the palms of my hands. I also feel that same energy collect in my thighs, often extending below the knees.

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