Filters & Veils

I don’t know what the accepted technical term is, but I’ve always called it a “filter.” It limits your intake of external stimulus and blocks consciousness of deep undercurrents of thought and self-awareness. It protects some part of us from the intensities of life and things we can’t understand. It does this to allow us to remain stable and function in this great illusion.

I sometimes refer to it as the “veil,” the curtain which prevents us from peering into a world which our minds cannot comprehend. Sometimes we can peek behind that veil or maybe it becomes a little transparent. Sometimes that peek or vision is very brief, while at other times it may last years. Our minds protect themselves, though, and the fall-back, safe space is a condition of limited view. We are bound to the conditions of our physical manifestations in this maya.

“The veil sometimes becomes transparent or its corners are lifted even for the ordinary hearer of the world; but it is never entirely removed.” – Sri Aurobindo, The Secret of the Veda, p. 91, Sarasvati and Her Consorts

I know this probably doesn’t happen to everyone, but I have noticed a coincidence of Rāhu-related transit events. Rāhu can kick you over that edge if you’re standing in the right place. If you let yourself embrace the fall and not respond out of fear, you can keep falling. The fall itself, the peering behind the veil, the removal of the filter that we have built for our minds, comes with continued dis-ease. With gifts come hardship, with nectar comes poison. To remain in this state, to embrace the new awareness, one must be able to manage the intensities of truth that an awakening brings.

The reason I wanted to write this article was not to discuss the phenomenon of looking through the veil, but rather the construction of that filter. I used to think that it was a piece of a divine contraption of human consciousness that people attempt to remove, like an obstacle. But I have come to the realization that perhaps that veil, that filter, is truly self-manifested. I think there’s a reason that many of us have very little memory of infancy and early childhood – and growth/reorganization of the brain itself is only a part of it.

I have always [always] believed, known, that when we are born we know all, that we are one with the universal consciousness. And I have always understood that we lose that, but never understood why or how. I suppose that at this moment, as I write this article, I truly understand two distinct, clear articles of knowledge. Life in this maya is such a shock to us when we are born. We are coming from a place free of the wildness of the world, free of material senses, free of hardened, earthy consciousness and are suddenly immersed in it. We struggle over years to protect our minds from not only the sensory input, but also the infinite potential of our awareness which has been suddenly squeezed into the limited, yet still very impressive neurological phenomenon of the human mind. I’m certain that Śani (Saturn) has something to do with this process.

And at some point, some of us, try to strip that barrier back down. The universe certainly gives us openings to do so, and Rāhu is the force we can use to free ourselves, to (partially) shake off that veil and degrade that filter as we learn to balance our different tiers of awareness.

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