Hanuman & Sūrya-Ketu Yuti

Hanuman with Jambavan (the bear)

Hanuman with Jambavan (the bear)

In the Ramayana, after being introduced to Hanuman of Kishkindha and helping Rama and Lakshman search India for kidnapped Sita, we learn that Hanuman was cursed as a child. We normally think of a curse as being something negative, and some may also think of a planetary conjunction with the lunar axis to also be negative.

A Rahu conjunction with a soft, weak planet can be harsh on a person and a Ketu conjunction with a strong planet can weaken a person. However, we should always remember that what we have to work with isn’t negative or positive… It just is and we have the will to use it appropriately.

Hanuman’s curse was that he could not remember how powerful he was. He was cursed so that his powers would not annoy the meditating sages. Jambavan, the bear, broke the news to Hanuman about the curse and told him not only about his true power, but also that he was the son of Vayu, the god of the winds. After learning this, after realizing his strength, he came out of the curse of the shadow, and regained his divine powers. This is, certainly, an example of one of the reasons why japa to Hanuman helps relieve Rahu-Ketu issues. Hanuman can help show us the way out of our own shadows.

So, just as the shadow of Rahu-Ketu is removed as we age, so did Hanuman’s curse, allowing his strength (Sūrya) to fully shine. But because he had lived with this curse for such a long time, Hanuman understood the ability, usefulness, and importance of humility. He had both divine power and the ability to use it selflessly, the lesson of Ketu which remained after Jambavan released him the curse’s shadow. [Whether Jambavan represents maturity in the Ramayana is something else to investigate.]

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