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Auspiciousness of Moon in Nakṣatram for RelationshipsMoon in Asvini Good for self-improvement. Moon in Bharani Good for sexual activity and procreation, but …2017/10/10Jyotiṣa, Nakṣatram
Theory: Svarbhanu’s True MotivePerhaps Svarbhanu, the Raksasa Asura who attempted (and succeeded) at partaking of the amrita, the …2017/03/24Devata, Jyotiṣa, Mythology
Filters & VeilsI don’t know what the accepted technical term is, but I’ve always called it a …2017/03/02Philosophy, Through the Veil
The Magic of Silent Mantra“The mind must be withdrawn from the sensory centers in the head and allowed to …2017/02/23Mantra, Yoga
United States: The Third Rāhu MahādaśāThe Mahādaśā cycle is said to repeat every 120 years. In a recent video, Dr. …2017/02/07Jyotiṣa
February 2017 Lunar Eclipse in ĀśleṣāOur first lunar eclipse of 2017 occurs on the evening of Friday, February 10 for …2017/02/03Graha, Jyotiṣa
2017 Śani Vakri (Retrograde) & GandantaToday Śani (Saturn) entered Dhanus (Sagittarius). In recognition of the significance of this change of …2017/01/25Jyotiṣa
2017 Planetary ConjunctionsEleven significant conjunctions will occur in 2017. Start-of-Year Yutis The year starts out with Sūrya …2017/01/19Jyotiṣa
Kalki as Collective Consciousness​Lord Visnu has been persisting in my, and others’, attention lately. His essence seems to …2017/01/10Devata, Philosophy
The 2016 Presidential ElectionMany astrologers are trying to dissect the 2016 Presidential election in the United States. Here’s …2016/11/14Jyotiṣa
Super Full Moon in KṛttikāWhat’s particularly strong about the Moon today is that it’s (we’re) experiencing the Nakṣatra of …2016/11/14Jyotiṣa
Birth Times: A Quick ReadingDepending on local time, it’s possible to determine some information relating to Sūrya given only …2016/10/11Jyotiṣa
Planetary States of the Canine2016/10/11Graha
Śani and Self-CompassionPerhaps many of Śani’s “ailments” are a result of compassion of others over compassion of …2016/10/07Graha
Ganesha and Mithuna (Gemini)Gemini represents duality, the polarization of the singular into two parts. It represents the splitting …2016/10/05Devata, Rāśis
Budha (Mercury) & the Tattvas of Mental OperationPrakrti (manifested matter/objective energy) differentiates into antahkarana (the psychic apparatus), indriyas (the senses), and bhutas …2016/09/27Graha, Philosophy, Yoga
The Power of Language“The power of language, the power of words, is is that power inside consciousness that limits …2016/09/27Language, Mantra
Prajapati, Creation & Pūrva PhalguṇīPrajapati is the ultimate creator, creating the heavens, the earth, and all creatures living in …2016/09/18Devata, Mythology, Nakṣatram
Daksha’s Curse on CandraDaksha found that Soma overly favored one daughter (Rohini) over the others, thus neglecting their …2016/09/09Devata, Jyotiṣa, Mythology
The Mala as Bṛhaspati & TaraAt the crux of a mala is the “guru bead,” representing the teacher. Surrounding Guru …2016/09/03Graha, Jyotiṣa, Mantra, Mythology, Nakṣatram
Budha Vakri (Mercury Retrograde) September 2016Pre-Shadow (29 August) As tomorrow begins the first day of Mercury’s apparent retrograde motion, and …2016/08/29Graha, Through the Veil
The MātṛkāsMātṛkā means unknown, unrealized mother. So long as the mystery of Mātṛkā is not realized, she …2016/08/27Devata, Mythology, Nakṣatram
The Resonance of Bija MantrasThe frequency of Om is 7.83 Hz. The frequency of Om itself is inaudible to …2016/08/25Devata, Graha, Mantra
Caspar of KeralaCaspar the Magi Of the three wise men popularized by the Gospel of Matthew, at …2016/08/23Jyotiṣa, Universal Religion
Determining LongevityJaimini Sutras According to the Jaimini Sutras longevity can be determined by looking at the …2016/08/17Jyotiṣa, Rāśis
Rasas & the NavagrahaEvery trait, characteristic, behavior, and effect of everything we know of the past, present, and …2016/08/16Graha
Śani FastToday I’m starting my first Saturn (Śani) fast. I’ve done many different fasts in the …2016/08/06Graha, Mantra, Yoga
Soul Maturity & ExperienceJust as the planets make complete transits of the Nakṣatras, routinely transiting the stars, each aspect …2016/08/01Jyotiṣa
Sarpagandha YogaIn my research of yogas (combinations) related to snakes today I found this one: the Sarpagandha …2016/07/29Yogas
Hanuman & Sūrya-Ketu YutiIn the Ramayana, after being introduced to Hanuman of Kishkindha and helping Rama and Lakshman …2016/07/26Devata, Graha
Mjölnir, Śiva Dhanush, ExcaliburThere’s clearly a connection between the ideas behind Thor’s hammer (Mjölnir), Śiva’s bow (Shiva Dhanush), …2016/07/25Devata, Vedas
Mahalaya Amāvāsyā and Pitṛ Paksh (Ancestors Ritual)Mahalaya Amāvāsyā: Importance and Relevance Amāvāsyā (Sanskrit: अमावस्या), the “dark phase” of the Moon when it is …2016/01/10Jyotiṣa
Budha’s Retrograde Motion & the Rational MindThe rational mind, Budha, maybe even the Moon (Martka) and general mental condition, is the …2015/12/08Graha
The Deceit of BṛhaspatiI have a theory. I try to remind my children that there really are no …2015/10/28Devata, Graha
Energy/PrāṇaMy sensitivity is a blessing, but I keep getting lost, suppressed in this physical body. …2015/10/27Rāśis, Through the Veil, Yoga
Order & Chaos: Mātṛkā & MālinīMātṛkā & Mālinī Mātṛkā connotes the 50 letters of the Sáṃskṛta alphabet in the regular …2015/10/27Devata, Graha, Philosophy
Notes on MaṅgalaMaṅgala was born in the Earth’s womb, and as the earth represents both the human …2015/10/16Devata, Graha, Jyotiṣa, Rāśis
Relationships Between Sūrya & CandraSun & Moon (Sūrya & Candra) as a Pair All visible graha (planets) rule two …2015/10/16Graha
SensitivityI’m a Cancer ascendant. My own sensitivity is a blessing, but I keep getting lost, …2015/10/03Rāśis, Yoga
Samadhi/Notes to Other (Outer) SelfWhen I felt myself starting to lose sight, to lose the feel of the swim …2015/10/02Through the Veil
Through the VeilJust before the start of Budha’s third retrograde state this year (September 17, 2015) I …2015/10/01Graha, Jyotiṣa, Through the Veil, Vedas, Yoga
SatyaSatya is not merely speaking the plain truth [but to say] that which is beneficial …2015/09/25Yoga
AhiṃsāThe first principle of the yamas, the restrictive codes of ethics, in all classical texts …2015/09/03Yoga
Eight Limbs: YamaIn an effort to put my recently acquired knowledge to real-world use, and to improve …2015/09/03Yoga
Arrival in Mercury Retrograde: May 2014Today I feel like the world is becoming a little more like the one from …2014/05/29Graha, Through the Veil
DharmacakraI’ve stumbled across another moment that grabbed my complete attention. When the world leaves you …2014/05/21Through the Veil
Sundown for VataLife gets crazy sometimes, especially for those of us who are gifted with the blessing …2014/05/20Ayurveda