Kalki as Collective Consciousness

Lord Visnu and his Māyā.

Lord Visnu and his Māyā.

​Lord Visnu has been persisting in my, and others’, attention lately. His essence seems to be very much in the current. Over the past few days I’ve been finding myself having “eureka” moments about Visnu-Laksmi. Even during morning japa I’ve recently felt especially receptive to their bliss. I haven’t solely been dwelling on the more prominent of the Daśāvatāra, but also Visnu’s tenth major incarnation, Kalki.

Perhaps Kalki, as the “destroyer of filth,” is the human collective which coalesces to fight against climate change deniers, ISIS, certain new administrations, etc. David Frawley suggests that Kalki is the culmination of all the navagraha. Again, a collective. What would the next possible evolutionary step be in the progression of Visnu after Buddha? Naturally, I would imagine in the collective. A collective consciousness which leads Visnu to Śiva, to Kali’s Śakti, bringing a rebirth, destruction of the present “filth” for reformed creation.

Daśāvatāra (Ten Avatars) of Visnu

Daśāvatāra (Ten Avatars) of Visnu

Each of the (ten) Visnu Daśāvatāra are progressive, beginning with Matsya as the fish, continuing through both animal and human forms. What kind of life, in terms of evolutionary consciousness, would follow enlightened Buddha? Perhaps a shift out of single human consciousness of the “self,” of the mind constrained to an individual, to more of a collective one. Such a “collective consciousness” reminds me more of Śiva than Visnu. Śiva supports individuals stepping up and acting individually, but together. Kalki, as the “one man army,” (or, perhaps, an army acting as one) is the perfect intermediary, the perfect agent of change welcoming in Kali, defeating harmful ego, anger, and desire. It’s about the collective and a shared consciousness. We are all Visnu in this “dynasty.” Yes, perhaps regular people could be avatars, all who collectively uphold Vishnu’s spirit to rid the world of what is harmful to our world and the Maya.

Kalki very much resembles the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse from Revelations – something that myself, as I’m sure many others, have held some form of interest in for at some point in their lives.

But how would we know he has arrived? My children explained to me that they’d know who Kalki is because he’d be blue. If he arises from technology, as some believe, perhaps it’s because technology allows the collective to act as an individual, as a new form of a single organism that’s representative of the whole. As crazy, as we’ve discovered, that it actually is. There will always be doubt, however. Krishna’s friends and family initially doubted that he was Rama in his previous life, even after performing miraculous actions. Maybe he wasn’t always blue. Perhaps we gave him this appearance after realization, much like devas and asuras see Krishna as Vishnu. Even Buddha is sometimes depicted with blue skin.

Movement towards this collective consciousness is very much like a movement toward Śiva, the following deva in the trinity which represents the cycle of creation and corresponds to the Holy Ghost in the Christian Trinity. I find it interesting that Jesus Christ, considered the Son, appears to be very much a Buddha-like figure, and with Visnu corresponding to the Son this is quite appropriate. The Father, then, would correspond to Bramha, as he is the ultimate creator or creative energy in the universe which forms an infinite number of other universes, each one with its own Trinity of the creative cycle.

As we work through this period of Śiva, of Kali, Kali consumes the demons so there can be a rebirth. It always feels like we’re nearing an end, that there’s always some impending doom that threatens our entire existence. This is so common that we’ve almost stopped believing that anything will actually happen. But this is a long Kali Yuga.

I felt a strong sensation this morning after realizing that Visnu is many. I felt myself as part of Kalki, and at the same time part of Visnu. This explains so much, why I had a dream about Laksmi accepting me as if I was Visnu, why others in the dream did not recognize me as Visnu until she appeared, my relationship with the Maya and my relationship with Śiva, as if that is my path. I always feel that Śiva is just out of reach, yet the only thing within my line of sight. There’s always an impending end that I cannot wipe from my vision. Visnu is comfortable, warm, and familiar. The results of Śiva/Kali at a global level, on the other hand, are unknown and quite terrifying.

How difficult is it for Visnu to let go of his illusion?

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