According to the Hindu mythology, Goddess Aditi is the goddess of boundless sky. The meaning of her name is “free from bonds”, “the unfettered” or “limitless”. Goddess Aditi is the great Hindu Goddess. Goddess Aditi was the mother of sun god Mitra and the moon god Varuna, in latterly she was better known for her twelve children who’s name are as: Vivasvan, Aryamah, Pushah, Tvashta, Savita, Bhaga, Dhata, Vidhata, Varuna, Mitra, Shakra and Urukrama. Goddess Aditi is also known as the mother of great god king Indra and the goddess of past and future. The most excellent characteristic of Aditi is her motherhood which giving birth to Adityas. She was named as the consort of Lord Kasyapa or Lord Brahma. Goddess Aditi is mostly represents the appearance of a cow. Goddess Aditi finally became a guardian goddess who helped to their worshippers so that they find a smooth path to what they were looking for. When a person wants to get more freedom in their life then pray for Goddess Aditi.