Shashti (Sixth Tithi)


Vajra means strong like a diamond or lightning. Ishwari means powerful. Her name, then, translates a a powerful or strong diamond or bolt of lightning. Whatever such people want, they reach to achieve it, to attain it, as this is the first day of the second group of kalas which represent achieving that which has been desired. Being the first tithi of this group, it is strong with the energy of fast action and attainment, that moment at which one finally attains what is wanted. That surge which accompanies the moment of achievement.


Sri Vajreshwari is described in the Tantraraja as having four arms and three eyes. She is red, wears red garments, surrounded with red unguent, and garlanded with red flowers. She wears red jewels and a crown or diadem of lustrous rubies. In her hands, she carries noose, goad, sugarcane bow and arrows of pomegranate flowers. Sometimes, she is described as resembling the china rose, wearing red clothes, and holding noose, goad, skull and dispelling fear.1

She is seated at her ease on her Chakra consisting of a triangle, hexagon, lotuses and Mahapura, placed on a magnificent throne. This throne in turn is located on a golden boat flowing in an ocean of blood.


She looks upon her Sadhaka with a cooling grace of mercy. She is the destruct tress of the dense Evils, boundless like the ocean. The Siddhi of her mantra grants freedom from Aviveka. On the physical plane, she destroys all evils and troubles faced by the Sadhaka. She is surrounded by a host of Shaktis similar to her and sways while she smiles mercifully from having drunk pure wine.2

Vajresvari Yantra


Her yantra includes a triangle, four petals, eight petals, and a bhupura.


Tamasic tithi. Not afreaid of hard work, like to work with tangible things. Reaching


“Om Mahaavajreshwaryai Vidmahe Vajranityaayai Dhiimahi Tanno Nityaa Prachodayaat”

“Om Hrim Klinne Aim Krom Nityamadadrave Hrim Om Mahavajreshvari Nitya Shri Padukam Pujayami Tarpayami Namah”