Vahnivasini Yantra

Panchami (Fifth Tithi)
Kala: Rati

Vahnivasini translates as “fire-dweller,” Vahni meaning fire and vasini meaning to dwell.

“Sri Vahnivasini shines with the beauty of early youth. She is lustrous like burning gold. Her lotus face with three eyes is lit by a gentle smile. She is eight-armed and dressed in yellow silk with ornaments made of ruby. Such is the strength of the rays of the rubies on her diadem that they make the surrounding region ruddy. Anklets and waist-chains of gems, pearls and other ornaments enhance her radiance. In her left hand she holds a red lotus, a conch, a bow of red sugarcane and full moon. In her right hand, she holds a while water lily, a golden horn, flowery arrows and a citron.”1

“She is surrounded by Shaktis on all sides. A Sadhaka who obtains her Siddhi can by simple utterance of her mantra, subject the three worlds. Amba bestows physical radiance, renders all worldly attainments and makes one unparalleled in the three worlds.”2


Om Hrim Vahnivasiniyai Namah

Om Vahnivaasinyai Vidmahe Siddhidaayinyai Dhiimahi
Tanno Nityaa Prachodayaat

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