Candra (Moon)


Chandra. Artwork courtesy: Drdha Vrata Gorrick.

While Sūrya expresses through action, Candra expresses through emotion. Candra is the lord of the senses, and as the nervous system is fed by the senses, Candra is directly connected to the nervous system (Budha), the senses (Śūkra), and the intake and movement of prana. With a balanced, healthy Moon comes balanced emotion and happiness.

Moon is ritualistic and a haven for the ancestors. Both worshipping devas and ancestors go to the Moon when they depart this world.

As Candra is associated with the oceans and the rains, dry climates or environments can be damaging to one’s emotional stability. Similarly, the Moon placed in a dry or abusive rāśi appropriately affects one’s psychology and emotions. Puja should be performed to Candra in such cases to sustain nourishment and emotional stability and happiness.

Emotions came to be as a result of the mind’s ability to nourish the self and create, bring things into being, in the Maya. Candra was born as a gift by Brahma for her ability to nurse the devas and fill the heavens with luminosity. Brahma then placed him in a chariot, which symbolizes the brain, the physical mind, and our consciousness.

Candra & the Nakṣatras

The 27 Nakṣatras were granted as wives for Candra because of his ability to satisfy and penetrate all moods, powers, and energies (Śaktis) of these asterisms. However, he became fixated on one (Rohiṇī), whose Śakti embodies growth, creativity, and fertility (Rohana). Because the emotions of the mind (Candra) would not veer from the desirous Rohiṇī he was cursed by her father, Daksha. This curse is responsible for the Moon’s fluctuation of light (affecting expression) and ability to nourish (affecting emotional happiness). These changes represent the afflictions we face, emotionally, when we indulge in a particular feeling and do not allow our minds to experience all emotion. Now the Moon, although Kaphic, acknowledges its need for the change and movement of Vata necessary to move constantly through all degrees of the sky to ensure a completely effective creative, emotional experience of the Self. Movement and change is as necessary as nourishment, especially for one born under the influence of Candra or in the rāśi of Karka (Cancer).