Arrival in Mercury Retrograde: May 2014

Today I feel like the world is becoming a little more like the one from which I must have come from. It’s more realistic. I thrive during Mercury Retrograde. When it seems that the rest of the plugged-in world falls apart, I feel more like Superman on Earth.

Wasn’t there a quote from some Superman movie that’s appropriate for this moment?

I first experienced heightened awareness of not only myself, but also with the world around me, in 1998. Since then, like clockwork, I fall right back into comfort about three times per year when Mercury begins its glorious backstroke.

Pay attention to your surroundings as well as your internal cues. They’re likely connected. The more you honor your perception, the more accurate it becomes. Journaling your experiences will expand your insight.1

Today has been filled with technical stress by those around me. So much so that the stress others feel almost begins to affect me. It would if I wasn’t so aware of what is really going on. I don’t feel like a victim anymore. I’ve always thought that awareness was key, but it’s really much more.

The more you honor your perception, the more accurate it becomes.

I’ve learned the hard way how true this is. At one time I honored it so much that my heightened awareness and near clairvoyancy made me physically sick. I felt nausea, shook, and had splitting headaches. It was too much for me to take. The moment I rejected my perception I lost it completely. I haven’t yet been able to restore my perception to the state that it was in 15 years ago, but I try. Maybe this time I should try harder – by letting go more.

Coincidences abound. This morning the 1980s song, “I don’t want to lose your love tonight,” popped into my head. Seconds after I blared out, “Josie’s on a vacation far away,” the radio station we were listening to in the office gave their “Jack FM” interlude and played that very song. It was a strange enough of a coincidence that a coworker of mine and I could do nothing but laugh. After all, laughter is simply the brain trying to reconcile conflict, to accept the unexpected.


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