Mjölnir, Śiva Dhanush, Excalibur

There’s clearly a connection between the ideas behind Thor’s hammer (Mjölnir), Śiva’s bow (Shiva Dhanush), and the “Sword in the Stone” (Excalibur), all of which are weapons that are completely immovable except to those divinely worthy. They all involve a kingdom of ancient origins. Could there also be a connection between the kingdoms, or could they even be the same kingdom?

First: the analogy. These stories teach us, however clearly, that in order to hold unparalleled power one needs to show more than will, responsibility, morality, etc. All those things that we have the power to control. If that’s all it takes, then any person can hold high positions of power over people. However, there is a power beyond that which we can consciously control that selects an individual, amongst all others, to such a position. So, no matter how strong your will, there are just some things in life that you can’t steer or control. As important as will is in acting out one’s karma, dharma is even more important.

“A person who follows his own dharma, attains perfection…Better your own dharma, performed badly, than the dharma of another well discharged…”–Bhagavad-Gita

Your will and karma will get you there, but your dharma is the key. [I am not taking into consideration the creative freedom exexercised by the Marvel team in the 2015 movie, Age of Ultron, in which Vision lifted Mjölnir.] Is it truly your calling in life to be the bearer of such power and control or do you seek it for the sake of wanting it?

Excalibur, the sword in Arthurian legend which only the rightful king of Britain could pull from the stone, is probably the most well-known example of these three weapons.

Śiva’s bow (Shiva Dhanush), which Rama (an avatar of Vishnu) easily lifted above his head, and then broke, ensured him the status of a living God, ensured him the hand of Sita (an avatar or Lakshmi) and succession to King of… The bow was gifted to a King of Janaka by Śiva himself. Sita was the daughter of one of it’s later kings.

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  1. Sita Ram says:

    Sita could lift it too. So king decided to marry his daughter to the one who could lift it.

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