Order & Chaos: Mātṛkā & Mālinī

Mātṛkā & Mālinī

Mātṛkā connotes the 50 letters of the Sáṃskṛta alphabet in the regular order. Mātṛkā means the “unknown mother” (i.e., the mother whose mystery is not realized). Mālinī is the one who holds the universe within herself. It connotes the 50 letters of the Sáṃskṛta alphabet in an irregular order.1

Truth/realization can be discovered/reached by avoiding the norm, the presented order of things. Realization relies on own own individual abilities to scramble the illusion and see beyond the hypnosis that we live under. The only way to do so is to break free from external constructs and realize that the Truth lies within through realization of one’s own creative power/Kriya Sakti.

Order & Chaos

Order forming from chaos. The Antennae Galaxies. Credit: Hubble.

Order forming from chaos. The Antennae Galaxies. Credit: Hubble.

I am tempted to remark that chaos, not order, offers truth, but I think it’s more accurate that order maintains the Maya and (conscious, controlled) chaos as a form of inner self-expansion allows one to peek through the veil. Chaos is simply veering from the norm, the spark that led to the big bang, spanda. But it can also contract and return itself to the original order or singularity. As growing, evolving beings we shy from the chaos of development, removal, and dissipation. But it is that breathing of life and the universal consciousness that returns us to the singularity, to Shiva himself. Chaos is all around us, but as a society, as a norm, we strive to maintain order (sthithi). We do so, as we believe, to protect ourselves, or at least those who agree with our subjective truth. Preservation of the Collective, a collective which will evolve organically. The evolution is a reflection of the power, the Śakti. Ungrounded, then, it becomes sheer chaos. Grounded in Shiva, we reach an order within chaos. Order offers no growth, no creation. A perfect union of the two, where that perfect balance rests like a fulcrum, is where the continual, fractal path to beauty and pure creation and existence rests. (Read more: Jaideva Singh. Śiva Sutras. p. 79.)

Realization Through Disorder

But then… To recognize the order amongst the disorder, the signs, the points at which the fulcrum rests, where the doorway lies, is the striking point where realization happens for me. These are the patterns, the breadcrumbs.

Śani, for example, strives for order. But I don’t think it’s pure order. Pure order is likely a Śani gone haywire, ungrounded. I’ll think he has a soft spot for the order within chaos. Don’t completely disregard creativity and the play between Mātṛkā and Mālinī.

  1. Jaideva Singh. Śiva Sutras. p. 80. 

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