Samadhi/Notes to Other (Outer) Self

When I felt myself starting to lose sight, to lose the feel of the swim and the feeling of being immersed in that wondrous state, I made a list for myself – on the very day that Rahu and Budha were conjunct. My teacher, Mehtab, said that this would be a powerful day to say or write something profound, so I took a couple hours to surround myself with the grackles and take notes for my “other” self, the self that is controlled by a rational mind. I forget how distinctive the difference is, between using your rational mind in the Maya and simply responding to its signals and learning the true knowledge of what lies beneath the surface. At that time I knew the secrets to return. And since I have been trying to re-enter this state in waking life for many years (as I had over 15 years ago), I had to communicate some key bits of knowledge to myself. As I said, there are some periods in which I’ll be “in it” for a couple days, but this period of over a couple weeks was mind-opening, especially since I had the direction of ancient wisdom closer to my senses.

1. Let go.

Let go of the rational mind. Let the world move you. Be moved by the world, try not to control it, rather flow with it. Let it blow you as if the movement of the world around you is the wind. The more you try to control the world around you, the farther you distance yourself from the actual path.

(I believe it is possible that all resistance can be avoided, regardless of your karmic origin and destiny, by using Will to manipulate your position in the Maya that we all live in. You just have to realize your path, your position in the world, see the things that the other children of this earth cannot see. It’s like a “steering will” that allows you to control your karma.)

Note: It’s hard to believe that there are others out there that see (know) the Truth, the world absent from these materializations, but they are out there. They just msy not share it ir we do not understand or identify with them. If we all knew the truth, or at least listened, there would be so much less resistance. Everyone would abide by Satya and much less chaos would exist. But without chaos, this world, which we are here to experience, would not exist in the first place. We strive for order, but must still acknowledge the gift of chaos.

2. The World is Art in Motion

Realize what the world really is, that everything around you is decor – manifestations, like toys given to a child to entertain the senses [word for senses]. The Truth underlies all that you see. It lives in the patterns of the world, the spaces between all events and objects, like dark energy.

3. Messages are Everywhere

Messages are everywhere, in everything around you, especially in what confronts you. Process everything, turn off your filter, then look in the space between each thought or event to fully realize the clue or message. The messages will continue. One after another, like beads on a mala, a constant, repeating string of thoughts and events that evolves the closer you listen, the more you explore, and especially the more you acknowledge the appearance of glimpses through the veil when they appear. Acknowledgement, gratitude, even a quick grin, or giving of oneself completely to the waves around you is necessary not just for enjoyment of the gift, but also to continue to absorb the knowledge. Like a great guru that exists in all manifested things, the true teacher is not a person, but instead everywhere at all times. Communicate directly with him through signals, noticing of patterns, or even hearing (knowing) communicated language-like messages. I used to wake up in the morning knowing something, as if someone had told me something, but don’t recall being told it directly. Sometimes, just before I awaken or as I’m drifting off to sleep I will hear such verbal messages or see the words with my eyes. I dwell on them for some time, try to absorb them so they persist when I become conscious, but they rarely do in complete form. I usually remember a few words, but not entire thoughts. Complete wording and order of wording can mean the difference between a truly profound message and just words.

4. Go with the Flow

Going with the flow will lead you where you need to be. Even the obstacle in front of you, or whatever other mundane material grit that clogs (or decorates) your material experience, helps define your truth and path. Accept everything as a gift. At the least it may simply be a road sign, maybe an important one.

What I’d like to take from this is to remind myself of how my natural gravitation to the simple and the natural should not be ignored. To go with the flow, as I prefer, to live in the now. To trust in what is around me and know that even when I feel trapped or completely out of touch, that I have been there and it is possible to return.

Remember to learn to trust the flow. Trust it. I’m serious.

5. Exist in the Now

Exist in the now, nowhere else. The truth only lies in the now. Again, go with the flow to reach the ultimate truth. The truth will comfort. The truth will fill you with true awareness.

6. Feeling Nervous?

Intense internal or nervous energy is a sign of prana overload. To notice the patterns and feel your way into the underlying world of universal Truth we can use our minds, whether through pure intellect or through senses and emotion. To experience things in this world as we swim through it (the nectar of supreme bliss), to live in a world with a lifted veil, we must remove some of the filter. With that filter thinner or partially removed, the prana taken in can be overwhelming, so much that our bodies cannot handle the intensity. This is why I think it’s important to learn how to channel the energy. Like a fish breathing in water, then exhaling, it must only take in as much as it physically needs. Energy is everywhere. We must take it all in to completely immerse ourselves in the world and experience it, but it can wreck our bodies and especially our nervous systems. Exhaling, sweating, a shedding of the energy by whatever means possible, is important to the health of the nervous system. But to properly release the energy I have found that I must be able to release myself from this bondage. Restrained, held on tight by the rational mind and sinking in the material heaviness, letting go and releasing this energy is downright impossible. There is something to be said about pranayama, and especially working with the energy through the kundalini.

When you experience anxiety or feel like you’re having a panic attack, no doubt this is an issue with vata. What your body is trying to do is release and move the prana through and out of your body through apana. What you experience as a panic attack is simply a vata blockage, indicating that you are suppressing something that needs to be released. When you feel this, note to yourself to get whatever it is out of your system. Express yourself creatively, emotionally, or be physically active… Depending on where the source of the vata rests (esp on the birth chart or navamsha) might determine source of the energy that needs to be expressed. I noticed this morning already at 6:30 in the morning that as soon as I left a note to myself regarding my current condition that my immediate symptoms of anxiety simply dissipated. Your body, your physical body, cannot hold the intense energy that you were experiencing and it needs to be released.

I am allowed tastes, which is likely more than others have been granted. But with these favors also come pains and sensitivity. I should seriously work on my ability to sustain my physical body on this world. I have the tools now. I have the words. I can retain and commune with myself. Shrug off useless or harmful energy. Do not ingest it. Only be aware of the Truth. The rest of this material is purely fish food. Let the other fish feed on it, but lend an open hand to anyone with their ears or eyes open to the Truth. Close your eyes, even if for a brief moment, to inhale and process the prana naturally, as you are one with everything else. Expand yourself outward infinitely. Shed the light.

7. It’s a Secret Scavenger Hunt

Ask the right questions and follow the true path that lies before you and the answers you seek will present themselves in the world right in front of you. Keep looking through the veil and confirmation will appear like a scavenger hunt with instant gratification.

8. Swim Gracefully

See Shiva in everything. Remember what this world truly is and swim through the nectar gracefully.

9. Live Simply and Slow Down

Live simply. Move Slowly. Don’t bypass any subtle experience.

10. Moksa Limitations

Three things limit you from moksa: anava, mayiya, and karma malas. Karma is found via Jyotish… Others?

11. Knowledge is Key

Knowledge is key. Not worldly knowledge, but the knowledge you acquire when you turn off the rational mind. (See Shiva Sutras 2.x) The bondage of jiva is due to limited knowledge (sankucita jnana). Expand it through the underlying truth – the truth that easily presents itself once you lose focus of this world, disengage your attention, and turn off your rational mind.

12. Oneness Limitations

We’re all originally Siva, but 3 things weigh us down: anava, mayiya, and karma.

13. Be Playful

Interact with the world in a playful manner. Create, but do so in accordance with nature. To remove from nature is to add to the muck, to create chaos, to make it harder to return to the original place. Our building upon material with material exacerbates many of our problems and makes it increasingly harder to reconnect with Truth. It makes it harder for us to understand the difference between right and wrong, to be unaware of when we harm another, to not listen to our teachers or learn the truth because of the infinite distractions. Our bodies become impure, disease spreads, emotions become corrupt. Yamas are treatments, prescriptions, for the resulting, increasing chaos. Niyamas are preventative measures. Asana helps us undo the physical inflictions and shake off the barnacles from our worldly skins, while pranayama helps cleanse and pass the energy from the inside. When there is so much distraction on the outside, how can one completely be aware of the inside? To see all, one must surely be able to see the self, as the self is part of the whole. Perspective is essential. One must be removed from both the tree and the trees to see the forest. Once worldly distractions are managed, then perhaps a more permanent and lasting experience with the Truth can persist. Until then, the veil may only be lifted for short periods. To live in one completely means to be freed from the other completely. Otherwise, to keep one foot in each simply means to be alive – and we are here to make something of this world.

14. Prerequisites not Required

You know… I really wonder at times. How may of these asana-focused “yogis” are even aware of what they could tap into? How many spend years trying to reach yoga but never do, partly because their desire is too great or they are performing asana (the most materially associated notion of yoga) for material purposes, thinking that by doing so they will reach enlightenment? Think about the classloads of people who aren’t even aware of what it is that they are working towards? And then there are those of us who have practically no asana experience at all, no formal yoga training, who can experience the divine. Like Aurobindo said, “even for the ordinary hearer of the Word.”

15. Strive for Bliss (Anand)

I think I may have been onto something years ago when I wrote about bliss. Ananda really is what I experience when I live in the realm of the Truth. To experience pure bliss is to remove all material, primitive emotion and feel the true emotion of being connected with and a part of all, to be freed from the bondage [word?] of this world. Maybe I was right.

16. Unfocus, Blur the Lines

Don’t focus so intently on the details of the world. Widen your pupils, focus out. Let the world become blurry so you can see if from a wider perspective. You will see the world differently, and more clearly, through a blurred lens.

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