Śani and Self-Compassion

Perhaps many of Śani’s “ailments” are a result of compassion of others over compassion of self. The strong desire for justice with a heavy tendency for judgment and fairness often outweighs the fairness of the self. With compassion directed outward more than inward, the self doesn’t get the attention or compassion it may need, leading to sadness, general torment, or overall hardship and feelings of inattention or abandonment from the joys others may seem privy to. Grumpiness can certainly develop if a person lets it go so far that the imbalance has a noticeably unpleasant or lasting impact on the state of the self.

Therefore, a person with a pronounced Saturn presence in their chart, especially with Śani in lagna, should focus on developing clear attention to the self (bhava-1) and self-compassion (bhava-1 + Śani) in order to properly use Saturn’s energy in one’s life.

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