Sundown for Vata

PigeonsLife gets crazy sometimes, especially for those of us who are gifted with the blessing of a Vata constitution. Although Vata keeps us on the move, it’s still a challenge to keep up with finding solutions to the nervous, mind-boggling issues that come up each day, every day.

Sometimes I get more worked up than usual about things and it’s harder to manage my Vata nature. I don’t (really) do anything different from one day to the next. My diet doesn’t change that often. The weather may change, though, as do the planetary transits. At times, despite what I do or what is going on in my life, I sometimes feel that my world is falling apart and I can’t control anything. It makes me want to retire into hermitage early. Heightened attention and spikes of adrenaline may be useful at night if I lived in a different environment, in one which required these conditions to protect myself and my family from dangers of the night.

My imbalance spirals like a firecracker at night, igniting as the Sun sets and launching into orbit the moment I rest horizontally. Much of the conscious night is spent trying to contain erratic, electrifying nerves… at least until the Sun rises. When the Sun rises a feeling of calm overcomes me. My nerves calm, and if my mind was victim to self-spiralization I suddenly realize that everything is fine – that life goes on and I will be able to work through whatever the root of my anxiety is. What is this magic that Surya yields like a cozy sword of pudding?

How does the Sun correct derangement?

Could this be related to the relationship between daylight and depression? Maybe Ayurvedic principles of doshic periods throughout the day can already explain this.

I’ve thought about falling asleep before the Sun sets. This works until 2am, when my nerves turn back on and wake me up. Perhaps this is just another symptom of life that is helping me hone in on my optimal style and patterns of living.

From an astrology perspective, the Sun offers strength and stability that is likely lacking in its absence.

Can you treat Vata derangement by strengthening the Sun?

Strengthening, from an astrological perspective, maybe not. Puja, though? You bet! While Vata is air, Pitta (the Sun) is fire. A mixture of of Pitta to Vata can result in combustion, so a gradual diffusing (or a gentle sunrise) via Sun would help bring back balance. (A Jupiter-like Kaphic grounding would sound appropriate, but too much Kapha could muck up and clog Vata that needs to be released.) As the Sun is the most influential and present of all heavenly bodies, it’s easiest to depend on this dependable source of stability. For Kaphic grounding, perhaps Venus/Shukra would be a better candidate… after all, Venus is Saturn’s only true friend. Warm and cozy, facilitates creative expression… a good way to exercise pent-up prana.

If you think about it, there are different sources, or types, of Vata issues. Are the lunar nodes, Shani, or Budha to blame? If Saturn is culprit, it wouldn’t make much sense that irritating, overbearing, harsh Surya would ease your troubles.

Why was I born with this in the first place, and why do I need it?

In the case of a zombie apocalypse it could be useful, but things haven’t gotten that bad. Besides, we choose the conditions of our lives.

Truthfully, Vata is movement, processing, creativity, release. Vata makes things happen, makes things move, and releases the fire that Pitta has created from the Kaphic intake of prana. Some of us are blessed with the need to “do.” For others it’s less natural, less necessary.

The Doshic Clock

The Doshic Clock

According to Ayurveda, the hours between 2am-6am and 2pm-6pm are when Vata thrives. If a person feels pent up in the evening, it’s probably because they need to get some things off their chest and create. If in the morning, they may just need to tap into the collective consciousness and receive their marching orders.1

The heat of the Sun is always just what I need to shed this crazy skin, like a lizard on a hot rock. Perhaps that’s why I have to take hot showers in the early morning. Maybe it’s not the Sun that fixes me (or maybe it *is* Surya’s Pitta).

Normally cooling foods treat Vata. If this is the case, why does warm and cozy help… why hot tea? Because it melts the nerves?

It kinda feels that way. I often refer to my morning showers as thaw-outs.

Stress and anxiety directly affects one’s longevity. So, then, wouldn’t indications of Vata dosha in a person’s chart also coexist with indications of challenged longevity (8th house)?

Only, perhaps, if you don’t take an active part in controlling or exercising this energy.


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