Super Full Moon in Kṛttikā

What’s particularly strong about the Moon today is that it’s (we’re) experiencing the Nakṣatra of Kṛttikā, Ma Durga’s asterism. The Pleiades star cluster of Kṛttikā are the seven wives of the Saptarishi of Skanda lore and Kārtikēya’s collective foster mother – Kārtikēya/Skanda being first son of Śiva/Rudra and Pārvatī/Durga.

We are currently empowered as the Moon is in an exalted state here. Our fear subsides, however temporary, so we can confront our demons, fight our causes, dissolve negativities, and heal through the intense purification of Kṛttikā’s flame.

Om Dum Durgayei Namaha!

November 2016 Supermoon. Photo by Chris Cross.

November 2016 Supermoon. Photo by Chris Cross.

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