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Through the Veil 0

Filters & Veils

I don’t know what the accepted technical term is, but I’ve always called it a “filter.” It limits your intake of external stimulus and blocks consciousness of deep undercurrents of thought and self-awareness. It protects...


February 2017 Lunar Eclipse in Āśleṣā

Our first lunar eclipse of 2017 occurs on the evening of Friday, February 10 for most of us in the western hemisphere and on February 11 for many in the eastern hemisphere. The eclipse,...


Sarpagandha Yoga

In my research of yogas (combinations) related to snakes today I found this one: the Sarpagandha Yoga (“mark of the snake”). Rāhu should be yuti (conjunct) Māndi in Dhana Bhava (the second house). Māndi (or Gulika) is...