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Kalki as Collective Consciousness

​Lord Visnu has been persisting in my, and others’, attention lately. His essence seems to be very much in the current. Over the past few days I’ve been finding myself having “eureka” moments about...

Brahma and Sarasvati 0

Prajapati, Creation & Pūrva Phalguṇī

Prajapati is the ultimate creator, creating the heavens, the earth, and all creatures living in the universe (including us humans). The Taittiriya Brahmana states that Prajapati continually created living creatures out of the sacrifices...

Order forming from chaos. The Antennae Galaxies. Credit: Hubble. 0

Order & Chaos: Mātṛkā & Mālinī

Mātṛkā & Mālinī Mātṛkā connotes the 50 letters of the Sáṃskṛta alphabet in the regular order. Mātṛkā means the “unknown mother” (i.e., the mother whose mystery is not realized). Mālinī is the one who...