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Budha (Mercury) & the Tattvas of Mental Operation 0

Budha (Mercury) & the Tattvas of Mental Operation

Prakrti (manifested matter/objective energy) differentiates into antahkarana (the psychic apparatus), indriyas (the senses), and bhutas (matter). Antahkarana as the “psychic,” or information processing mechanism of an individual, consists of three sattvas: the buddhi, ahamkara,...

Brahma and Sarasvati 0

Prajapati, Creation & Pūrva Phalguṇī

Prajapati is the ultimate creator, creating the heavens, the earth, and all creatures living in the universe (including us humans). The Taittiriya Brahmana states that Prajapati continually created living creatures out of the sacrifices...

Relationships Between Sūrya & Candra 0

Relationships Between Sūrya & Candra

Sun & Moon (Sūrya & Candra) as a Pair All visible graha (planets) rule two rāśis, but the luminaries Sūrya and Candra (सूर्य & चन्द्र) only rule one apiece. I often consider these two...