The 2016 Presidential Election

Many astrologers are trying to dissect the 2016 Presidential election in the United States.

Here’s what was in the sky on election day. No planets were in apparent retrograde motion.

Planet:Sun Sign:Tula Degrees:22°25′48″ Nakshatra:Vishakha (1)
Planet:Moon Sign:Kumbha Degrees:00°36′01″ Nakshatra:Dhanishtha (3)
Planet:Mars Sign:Makar Degrees:05°22′08″ Nakshatra:U.Ashadha (3)
Planet:Mercury Sign:Tula Degrees:29°32′38″ Nakshatra:Vishakha (3)
Planet:Jupiter Sign:Kanya Degrees:18°36′03″ Nakshatra:Hasta (3)
Planet:Venus Sign:Dhanu Degrees:01°28′57″ Nakshatra:Moola (1)
Planet:Saturn Sign:Vrishchika Degrees:21°05′25″ Nakshatra:Jyeshtha (2)
Planet:Rahu Sign:Simha Degrees:16°08′03″ Nakshatra:P.Phalguni (1)
Planet:Ketu Sign:Kumbha Degrees:16°08′03″ Nakshatra:Shatabhisha (3)
Libra. Artwork by Yuhon.

Libra. Artwork by Yuhon.

Sūrya in Tulā

It’s important to note that Sūrya (leadership/power/government) is always in Tulā (Libra), which offers movement, balance, dealings, and harmony during presidential elections. This helps sway the balance of power between parties, dark/light, and other such polarities, reestablishing equilibrium.

Svātī vs. Vishākhā

What’s really interesting, though, is that over the past five elections Sūrya has been in the Nakṣatra of Svātī in all but two cases: the 2016 and 2000 elections. In these two elections Sūrya was in Vishākhā on election day. In both cases the losing nominee won the popular vote (Gore in 2000 and Clinton in 2016) and in both cases the presidency went from a Democrat to a Republican.


In fact, the last time (prior to 2000) that this “loser wins popular vote” phenomenon happened was over a century earlier, in 1888, when Sūrya was also in Vishākhā and (coincidentally) the presidency also went from Democrat to Republican (incumbent Cleveland lost to Harrison).

Rise of the Ego

In Vishākhā the Sun begins to reveal itself, it’s true nature, as it’s shaking off the debilitation it experienced in Svātī. Perhaps it’s less capable of balancing power for the sake of the people and leans more toward the patriarchy, releasing ego from its recent debilitation.

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