The Resonance of Bija Mantras

The frequency of Om is 7.83 Hz. The frequency of Om itself is inaudible to humans, as most people can’t consciously pick out frequencies less than 20 Hz. We can, however, hear the harmonics of low-frequency emissions, which is what we hear with our ears when we listen to the bijas of Om, Gam, and others with similarly low frequencies.1

The universe is said by some to resonate with the sound of Om, while others believe that it’s our planet, Earth, which resonates at the same frequency as Om (7.83 Hz). NASA has made it easy for us to hear the audible sounds of Earth, which resonate at frequencies between 100 and 2400 Hz.

Listen to Earth:

The information that the ancient rishis “heard” were hidden in frequencies outside a normal person’s scope of conscious detection. Some believe that these rishis were able to hear these additional frequencies of vibration and the knowledge they contained because they had more strands of DNA (up to 12 strands, to be precise) than the average human. Our brains can still detect and are affected by frequencies lower than 20 Hz and higher than 20,000 Hz – we’re just not conscious of them. This is why/how we, especially our brains and nervous systems, even our DNA, are affected by the intense impact of celestial bodies and cosmic energy.

According to an article, “5 Types Of Brain Waves Frequencies: Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta”:2

Gamma waves span 40-100 Hz
Beta waves sapan 12-40 Hz
Alpha waves span 8-12 Hz
Theta waves span 4-8 Hz
Delta waves span 0-4 Hz

Furthermore, the following bija mantras are said to resonate at frequencies within these ranges:

Bija Devata/Graha Usage Frequency Wave Type Notes
Om (ॐ) 7.83 Hz high frequency Theta wave (inaudible)
Gam Ganapati 14 Hz low-frequency Beta wave (inaudible)
Hlim Bagalamukhi (हलीं) 20 Hz Beta wave (at threshold of conscious human perception)
Hrim (ह्रीं) Surya, Bhuvaneshwari 26 Hz Beta wave (audible)
Klim Sundari 33 Hz Beta wave (audible) Klim carries the “Akarshana Shakti” (Power of Attraction) and can be used by both to increase love energy and fulfill wishes. Ka means Kamadeva, the Lord of desire; it also means Lord Krishna. La means Indra, the ruler of Heaven, also lord of the senses and material needs. Ee means fullmoon or satisfaction. Mm (Nada and bindu) means that which bring happiness and love.
Kroum Mangala, Narasimha 39 Hz high frequency Beta wave (audible)
Shrim (श्रीं) ChandraKetu, Lakshmi 45 Hz Gamma wave (audible) Although Shrim (which emits gamma waves) is used in bija mantras for Chandra and Ketu, theta waves (4-8 Hz) are most closely related to Moon and Ketu’s intuition, emotion, and depression.
Darpana Sundari

Darpana Sundari (Bija mantra: “Klim”). Artwork courtesy: Drdha Vrata Gorrick.

It’s interesting, then, that all bija mantras associated with the Navagraha are audible when the effects they have on us are undetectable and they themselves likely resonate at a much lower, inaudible frequency.

Gam, Ganapati’s bija, is in the inaudible spectrum. His association with the space between all things lends to the idea that we also are not conscious of such space, as all visible or detectable via our senses is thanks to the existence of the matter… Not the energy which lies within the space between the matter.

According to “The Jovian Decametric Radio Emission”, Jupiter appears to emit radio waves at frequencies between 10-40 MHz. ((

“The decametric radio waves have frequencies between 10 and 40 MHz. These types of radio waves from Jupiter are never heard above 40 MHz. This seems to be the maximum frequency.” – Dr. Leonard N. Garcia



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